About BES(t) 4 kids

BES(t) 4 kids wants to offer good-quality, safe and accessible daycare and out-of-school care to all children in the Caribbean Netherlands.

BES(t) 4 kids is a partnership between the public entities of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba and the ministries of SZW, OCW, VWS and BZK. The purpose is to strengthen the daycare and out-of-school care in the Caribbean Netherlands. The program focuses on the creation of a safe and caring environment for children, which is accessible to all parents. So that every child has the chance to fully develop.

Read about the stories and practical lessons learned in the magazine The best of BES(t) 4 kids, a reflection on five years of building together to improve childcare in the Caribbean Netherlands. We are building further together!

The BES(t) 4 kids partners opt for cooperation and a joint approach. The public entities develop their plans in consultation with local stakeholders. The central government supports the islands in the elaboration of the plans with financial resources and expertise.