The five on an adventure (twinning Saba – Kindernet)

By Kindernet

Friday, February 10th, 5 colleagues left early for the “Twinning BES(t) 4 kids” exchange program with childcare on Saba. Twinning was set up so that we as organizations and staff can learn from each other and because we want the best for children. Bonaire (B) Eustatius (E) and Saba (S) are islands in the Dutch Caribbean. Kindernet is one of the Dutch child care organizations, involved in the project.

In the summer of 2021 2 employees of Kindernet went to Saba for the first time and in the meantime 4 groups of employees and the managers from Saba have already visited Kindernet and Weijdeland. The exchange with Saba is now in its final stage and has given us all a lot of energy and ideas. Parents on Saba told us that they also see effects of this exchange program. Something we are quite proud of.

The next two weeks one of our pedagogical professionals will help with the vegetable garden at the daycare and after school care. The four others will exchange experiences about communicating with parents (handover and 10-minute conversations), daily routine and interaction with children, among other things.

We look forward to their stories and photos shared with us via social media of the locations (Kaboutertuin, Lavendeltuin, Wis en Wierig and Belhameltje) and the special Instagram profile Kindernet on Saba.