About BES(t) 4 Kids

Statutory scheme

The basic rules for children’s centers and host parents in Caribbean Netherlands will be embedded in a Law. The local elaboration of the Law takes place in a Childcare Island Ordinance, in order that the island-specific circumstances can be taken into account.

Childcare Island Ordinance
A Childcare Island Ordinance, which specifies many rules for the quality of children’s centers and host parents, is already in force. In addition, there already is a temporary childcare subsidy scheme. A childcare facility can use this subsidy to improve the quality of childcare and to reduce costs for parents.

Draft Childcare Law
All quality rules are laid down in a proposal for a new law for a longer period of time. Additionally, the proposal describes how we will finance childcare in the future. All this combined enables us to ensure good quality, safe and affordable childcare. The expectation is that the structural law and regulations can be gradually introduced in 2024 and 2025.