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Parents Bonaire

With the BES(t) 4 kids program, the quality and accessibility of childcare and after-school care will improve. What does this mean for parents and children? Below you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers.

The quality of childcare and after-school care is improving. If possible, the childcare rates will become lower.

There are various ways of improving quality. Staff will be trained and requirements are set for the level of education. Housing of childcare organizations will improve and inspectors supervise in compliance with all quality requirements. In addition, there is more attention for ideas and questions from parents. For example, you can ask about the pedagogical plan and join a parent committee to get more participation.

Mid 2020 the intention is to reduce rates. If the parental contribution is already low, you may not notice this.

There is close cooperation with the coordinator of the Centerfor Youth & Family. Here you can go for advice and support. In addition, there is also an inspection that supervises the childcare organizations.