Festive kick-off exchange program for childcare organisations Bonaire

On Wednesday, September 20th, 2023, a festive kick-off took place at Posada Para Mira in Rincon for an exchange program that has been organised by BES(t) 4 kids for childcare organisations on Bonaire. The aim of the ‘twinning program’ is for organisations on Bonaire to exchange knowledge and experiences with organisations from the European Netherlands (and vice versa). For example, when it comes to play-based learning environments, games that encourage child development, health and safety, team building and other topics that play an important role in the quality of childcare. 

During the festive kick-off on Wednesday, the September 20th, owners of childcare organisations learned everything about the exchange program and organisations from the European Netherlands, and Bonaire had the chance to become acquainted. The participating childcare organisations from the European Netherlands are Kindernet, Crescat and Kinop. They would like to exchange knowledge and experiences with their colleagues on Bonaire, and also want to learn from them.

The exchange program has been organised by the BES(t) 4 kids program, under the initiative of childcare organisations from Bonaire and the European Netherlands. The program will certainly run until the end of December 2024.

Saba and St. Eustatius already have experience with such a twinning program and achieved very positive results. The program is not only a great opportunity for organisations and employees to exchange knowledge and experiences, but also has a very positive impact on the quality of childcare. This is something that BES(t) 4 kids also wants to achieve on Bonaire.