Day of the pedagogical workers on St. Eustatius

On Monday, October the 16th, the BES(t) 4 kids program on St. Eustatius pays special attention to all pedagogical staff in childcare. Their professional role is very important to ensure the quality of daycare and out-of-school programs. They take care of children during the time parents are at work. With them in the childcare centers children play, learn and experience things. They help children to discover the world and their own talents. At their side our children learn to give feedback, to share and to move. They learn through play for later. Thanks to our pedagogical workers. 

During the Day of the pedagogical workers, in addition to festivities with food and drinks, workshops on the Professional Code of Conduct for Pedagogical Staff in Childcare take place. In the morning hours for workers in out-of-school programs and in the evening hours for the daycare workers. The workshop facilitator is Rosalie-Edelstein-Lopes, a seasoned expert with extensive experience in education and childcare. The workshops are interactive with role-plays by guests and participants. Commissioner Rueben Merkman was present at the launch.

The professional code that is the focus on the Day of the pedagogical worker, was developed together with the BES(t) 4 kids program for all daycare centers and out-of-school programs. The professional code was first presented to the Board of Directors and managers of childcare institutions. It serves as a guideline or compass to uphold and honor the profession of pedagogical workers. It contains the values, respect, care, integrity and trust that is reflected in their job.