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Parents Saba

Ultimately, the quality and accessibility for your child in daycare and after-school care must improve. What does this mean for you and your child in concrete terms and what steps are we taking?

Important for parents to know:

  • Staff of daycare and after-school care are upgrading their level of education to provide higher quality of care to children
  • Staff are learning other techniques on how to interact with children using the positive Conscious Discipline method
  • Staff are certified in childrens’ first aid training
  • Improvements are being made to the facilities to make the environment safer for children and workers
  • Healthier meals have been implemented to meet children’s nutrition needs
  • An improved ratio of caregiver to children is being implemented
  • Accessibility and affordability of childcare is important for parents
  • The Parent Committee is a committee where parents can have a voice and address concerns they may have. For more information contact After School Care